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Laurie Copeland

With her love of nature, Laurie enjoys creating “Seriously Fun” necklaces, earrings, hairsticks and bracelets made from agate, druzy, quartz and more. Her gift lies in the ability to mix design and gorgeous colors, with her undeniable flair and element of fun. Her customers agree—the most commonly heard comment when describing Laurie and her jewelry are “unique,” “fun,” and “I love your style!” She hopes you enjoy her jewelry as well.

In her own words…

"There’s a lot of precious and pricey jewelry out there in the world, but I’m not competing with that.  I have fun with my jewelry.  It’s not so serious that we are afraid of mixing colors, being different and taking a few risks.  After all, that’s where new trends come from.  Most of all, I’m serious about my fun!

I’m most influenced by my creative inspiration and artist mom Ferne Ruth Barker, whom my business is named after. Growing up, I would watch her paint, and she would ask my opinion.  This was my training…I became creative just by being around it all the time.  To this day, layout and design is my favorite element of my artwork, thanks to her questions and trust in my opinions."

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