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Welcome to our happy boutique filled with unique, handmade creations made with love. When you visit our shop in beautiful downtown Mount Dora, FL we encourage you to look up at our blossoming ceiling. Each tissue paper flower has a handwritten happy thought. We have over 20 local artists in the shop, and each one brings something different to the shop. With every sale, you are helping to support at least two small businesses. Thank you for your love and your support of the arts.

Meet the Artists


Robin Gutting

Facebook Live Fan

"The Wednesday night Under the Cherry Blossom lives have been the most uplifting and entertaining online event I have experienced. The staff have such caring hearts for the clients and their products that you can tell they pour their heart and souls into which is evident by the workmanship and they strive to assure customer satisfaction. I look so forward to Wednesday nights with these ladies, they are very blessed."

Samantha Stewart

Supporter of the arts

“With nothing but pure laughter and joy, UTCB Wednesday FB live’s are full of surprises! Wonderful atmosphere with phenomenal customer service. Find out what treasures are waiting for you at UTCB”

Paula Prinzi

Gift giver & art lover

"I first discovered Under the Cherry Blossoms with my friend Julie on a day trip to Mount Dora. Cherry Blossoms line the ceiling of the shop. I was able to shop for at least 3 different people besides myself while in the shop and filled my cart with unique treasures that I'd never be able to find anywhere else. I'm also hooked on the Soy and Serenity wax melts!"

Rachel Wescott

Fun Facebook live follower

"I absolutely love Under the Cherry Blossoms. The merchandise made by many different artists is wonderful and unique. I love the variety, you never know what they will have. I look forward to the Wednesday night lives. The ladies are so sweet and funny! They show so many different pieces on the lives and instantly accept you as one of their own.
I highly recommend them and urge you to take a look and join in on the fun."


Cute Fall Merch!
Cute Fall Merch!

By Beth Melody on Sep 11, 2022

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Artist Spotlight: Lori
Artist Spotlight: Lori

By Beth Melody on Sep 11, 2022

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Under the Cherry Blossoms

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