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Laura Duksta

Laura Duksta is an Ambassador of Love and NYT bestselling children's author of "I Love You More" and "I'll Hug You More" -- we keep signed copies of both in stock at Under the Cherry Blossoms. Her newest book, "No Matter What, I Love You" will be out later this year, with a familiar face on the cover!

From Laura...The moment I walked into Under the Cherry Blossoms I felt connected at a Soul level to the space, the art, the crafts, and the lovely lady behind the counter! After talking to Wayne Dyer - who has endorsed my books and programs - we were on our way to becoming fast friends! I began doing signings during events outside the shop, and made a visit to her son's school. We opted to join forces and use the monies brought in from my books at the shop towards covering the fees for local school visits. I love this arrangement and the gift it gives back to the community!

My books are perfect for baby showers, birthdays, for grands, toddlers, first readers, teachers and MORE! It's always a good day for love, hugs and books!

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