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Deb Colson

Under the Cherry Blossoms' artist Deb Colson

Artist Deb Colson with Re-do to New has gone from creating gifts and donations for her Harley club to creating an entire business of up-cycled artwork using bullet casings, sea glass and more. Debbie's unique bullet casing art always gets a reaction. Many people wonder where she came up with the idea. It all started when she was making belt buckles from up-cycled vintage jewelry. A member of her Harley group asked her to create a belt buckle using spent bullet casings. Then another member wanted a bullet casing tank, as he used to have one when he was in the military and gave it to a friend. The idea of using bullet casings was in demand as it is unusual and also honors our service men and women.

Creating makes Debbie happy. She says "There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when it brings joy to others. When someone makes a purchase of one of my creations to gift to another person, I feel most successful. To know they admire an item enough to share and give it to a friend with kind feelings is the ultimate."

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