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Under the Cherry Blossoms' artist Arielle
Artist Arielle and her mom Suzanne, along with the help of her girls, create the most fascinating fascinators, top hats and crowns. They began making hats just after Arielle's first daughter was born. Arielle was putting together a costume for her local Steampunk show and wanted a hat to wear, so she started to make her own. Arielle's mom then suggested "Why don't we be in the show and make hats!" Arielle and her mom have always been hat lovers and have so many different styles, it just sort of felt right to become a Milliner. Their fascinators have evolved since they began and they put a lot of love into creating each one. Every fascinator they make is a one-of-a-kind and has a personality of its own. The girls love what they do and Arielle loves that she has been able to work from home and be with her daughters while creating something special for others. Arielle says "It's not only a product we make, it also gives an individual the opportunity to have fun, be something or someone else, and step out of the ordinary. It gives the wearer a unique experience and that's what I love about what we do!" Life is all about our experiences, fabulous pieces of wearable art bring joy to every day occasions and smiles to faces of everyone around you.

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