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Under the Cherry Blossoms' artist Aphrodite

Artist Aphrodite creates such unique denim belt loop bracelets. While painting in ripped denim shorts and a bathing suit top at Cinnamon Bay, a U.S. Virgin Island’s beach on St John, Aphrodite was inspired to create denim jewelry accessories to match her relaxed tropical attire. After looking online and not finding what she envisioned, she took matters into her own hands, creating earrings taking pieces of old denim, adding beads and earring wire. Soon after, taking apart a pair of jeans, she got to the belt loop and said.. ‘Hmmmm.. What can I do with this..?’ Aphrodite Art Design was born.”

Belt Loops are created from the fabrics of recycled jeans and military clothing.

Her custom designed and selected high-end metals are Made In The USA.

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