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Split Screen Facebook Live Sale


Excited about the idea of selling live on social media but afraid to try it yourself? Lynn offers a 30 minute split screen Facebook Live with her "by your side" to make the experience of selling your products online less scary and actually fun!

Lynn has done over 150+ Facebook Lives with an amazing community of followers and she wants to share her experience with you.  Not only will she be there during the entire Live on camera, she will also give you tips and tricks before, during and after the live to help you gain confidence in online selling.

The great thing is you can be in another state and you can do the Live together with Lynn.  You will receive 1 hour total with Lynn, 30 minutes of the hour will be during the Facebook Live itself while the other 30 minutes will be split before and after the live to teach being prepared, taking orders, shipping and more. A wealth of knowledge crammed into 1 hour. Don't wait! Get started today, your future self will thank you.