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Spring Into Action

I created this Action List, a 32-page notepad with unique daily motivations along with lines to write 3 to-do’s for the day. I found setting small daily goals and getting into action is what brings us closer to living our dreams. I learned that 3 is a magic number. Anything more and it can be overwhelming, any less and there isn’t that sense of accomplishment and actual progress.

There are even few surprise goals added throughout the month to push you to think differently and take the blinders off!

Are you ready to take action? For the cost of 2 cups of coffee, this notepad can help you transform your world when you are ready to make the commitment.

Get your action list here!



New Accessories from Karen Simmons Now Available

Karen's love of color and fabric brings everyday accessories to life. Her new headbands, scarves, scrunchies, and one-of-a-kind alcohol ink jewelry are now available here on our website!


Ice Dyed Scrunchie Purple


Ice Dyed Headband Expandable Yellow & Orange


Silk Scarf 10 x 60 Rainbow Burst


Alcohol Ink Jewelry Set Blue & White


Facebook Live: Fun with the Whole Store

Join the gang tonight from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm for Facebook Live fun. We will be sharing new items along with a donation of sunflower earrings to help in Ukraine.

Sunflowers in a field

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Mount Dora Spring Festival of Arts & Crafts 

Mark your calendars! Mount Dora's annual Spring Festival of Arts & Crafts is March 19-20th from 9am till 5pm. We're so excited to support our thriving arts community and hope you will all come by and see us! Be sure to check out the event website for more information.



As always, thank you for your love and support of the arts! 

-Lynn Wisniewski